Factory Assembly

  • 300+ fabrication and assembly tradespeople
  • Climate controlled assembly facilities
  • Structurally welded steel stud frame shop
  • In-house CNC fabrication
  • 2 - long span finish shops
  • Rigorous third party quality control

Custom Fabricated Metal Panels

In order to reduce lead times and optimize the inherent efficiency of factory assembled megapanel facades, Island purchases the raw materials to fabricate our own custom metal rain screen panels.  We employ the same mentality on many of our projects and systems.

Assembly Workflow

Island's factories are not set up like an assembly line, but instead prioritize materials and trades coming to a stationary panel.  Therefore, we can accommodate any number of customized panels and atypical conditions.

Quality Control

The biggest benefit of offsite construction is the ability for strict quality control guidelines and protocol.  Island employs third party review of every step in the fabrication process to ensure the most high quality, high performance facade available.