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Project Delivery with Island


Project Delivery with Island

Project Delivery with Island

Our Process

Design, Engineering, Testing, Fabrication, Delivery, Installation

Our Process

Design, Engineering, Testing, Fabrication, Delivery, Installation

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Design Consultation

Our offices like to get involved in a project before any hard decisions have been made. By doing so, we can provide the most accurate schedule and cost estimations, potentially saving our clients time and money when compared to traditional building methods. Often, we estimate that installation takes only a small fraction of the time our clients are accustomed to seeing. We'll go over the best materials, fasteners, insulations, and structural systems and set up an entire plan of action with our clients.


In-house engineers at all of our offices ensure that the assemblies we design will be fabricated and installed in the most efficient manner possible. They know how each panel works at a micro-detail level and understand how they holistically define the building envelope. Our teams have several years of experience with a variety of facade systems and ensure accuracy on even the most complex project assemblies. Close coordination with our shop mangers adds to our commitment to quality as we tend to every potential technical issue before it happens.

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Material Procurement

Our clients no longer need to deal with long lists of vendors and suppliers for each of their building material needs. No matter how many systems are in a project, we have the resources to acquire raw materials to create our custom panels. We can find the proper metal, stone, composite, glass, and specialty materials from all over the U.S. and eliminate the architect's or contractor's need to order and track all these items separately.  



Our raw materials feed our numerous shops located on Long Island. We re-purposed military hangers to be dedicated to specific manufacturing processes. This is where our very own team of tireless craftsmen fabricate all our panels with uncompromising precision through the use of advanced digital machinery in addition to traditional tools. We can even fabricate samples and mockups here so our clients know the exact product they're getting before it goes up on the building.


Performance Testing

Visual and Performance Mockups are built right in our factories. We test composition, quality, weather-tightness, aesthetics, joinery, and solve potential building challenges months before the project goes into fabrication. With the help of a third party testing agency, we make sure our custom unitized panels pass every test and we address any questions that may arise during design and production. The entire building envelope’s longevity and sustainability relies on this process, which is why we take great care and pride in the technical performance of our mockups. Our clients can feel more at ease knowing they’re getting a high quality building products they know will hold up against the elements and be visually stunning.


From Long Island, our Island fleet will transport safely-wrapped panels anywhere in the country. Doing this work ourselves saves our clients the cost and headache of coordinating and tracking all the pieces; this is just another way we want to help ease the building process.


Facade Installation


Finally, we'll coordinate the right team of union workers to install the panels we so carefully made. We have a trusted list of go-to people to get this part of the job done as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our prefab panels clip directly onto the structure of a building and fit together just as our designers and engineers intend but we'll be there monitoring our product for quality assurance and satisfaction so clients can rest assured the work is getting done correctly.